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New at this banner thing

I am still learning how to do this Adobe stuff but I thought I should share the loving

2 HBP banners



Well, this is my first but if you use, please credit. If you like or have any tips, please let me know. *hugs*

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*squee* I love them! :) The second is my favorite.

I also love your username.
hehe.. *bows head slightly* Thanks hun. I am so crushing on him. I thought it was bad before HBp, its like 10xs more now. *le sigh*

As for my username, it is also my penname. I write much more than I do these artsy things. lol.. and draco/hermione was my first ship. Yes, I've got a thing for Slytherins. lol... but I also love Harry. ... sorry for my rambling... I'm bored and at work. lol...*goes off to work on fic*
eeeek the second one is awesome! I don't know what you're talking about... they're excellent. And it's ok, I've got a major humina-humina for him too.

Are you using photoshop? If you are (actually even if you're using something else this may apply too), the way to get rid of the hard edges around the top layers would be when you have it selected to smooth and then feather the edges 2 pixels. It wouldn't look so rough that way... but even then it's not something that really jumps out. I've just come to notice those things.

Ooo and I'd love to read some of your fics... I'm a sucker for the crazy ships.