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[18 Mar 2008|06:08pm]

Hybrid Elite Promotion: Please delete if unwelcomed!Collapse )
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[24 Feb 2008|09:55pm]

Diffindo Elite: I'd love for you to join this!Collapse )
Hybrid Elite: I REALLY want you to join this!Collapse )
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[03 Jan 2007|12:01am]

Make Hogwarts_Elite Your New Years Resolution
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Feeling bored? Looking to become a part of something more?
hogwarts_elite may be just the place for you! Featuring a wide array of contests and activities hogwarts_elite has something for everyone.
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[11 Oct 2006|09:17am]

I have no idea if this is allowed or not...Collapse )

When we have a good amount of members, we'll be having loads of intellectual discussions on all of the books, and you can join the graphics challenges that are posted weekly and earn points for which House you are sorted into!
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If this isn't allowed...just delete it. :) [31 Jul 2005|12:53am]

I'm thinking of making a HBP quotes icon post--just quotes, not movie pictures or anything--and it would be a major help to know what quotes are your favorite/you would like to have on an icon. If you're interested, that is...

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[26 Jul 2005|05:19pm]

Just some icons and a load of pictures from the American HBP, over at my journal.
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[22 Jul 2005|01:14pm]

Question of the Day" What was one thing that dissapointed you about Book 6?
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New at this banner thing [22 Jul 2005|10:07am]

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I am still learning how to do this Adobe stuff but I thought I should share the loving

2 HBP banners

this way....Collapse )

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[21 Jul 2005|12:11pm]

Snape icons for HBP. I believe someone here was looking for one in particular ;)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
two more...Collapse )
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More icons! [21 Jul 2005|02:21am]

With the release of gobletoffire.com, there are a few wonderful new pics to enjoy. Based on these, I made a few more icons. They're sorta HBP related, but they don't have to be. Credit and comment please! (Feel free to use the Fleur base for something more, just credit)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

4 Fleur
1 Krum

It will take more than a werewolf...Collapse )
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[21 Jul 2005|02:18am]

Edit: Second part to the interview is now up as well... Best JKR interview I've ever read. Most informative. Here's a bit to further our RAB ponderings:

Cut for HBP spoilersCollapse )
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[19 Jul 2005|05:17pm]

The first part of the interview Melissa(LC) and Emerson(MN) held with JKR is up on mugglenet! It's got some fantastic bits of new information and insight. I believe it's only a tenth of the whole thing though, so stay posted!
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I am a wizard, not a baboon brandishing a stick. [19 Jul 2005|10:56am]

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Heeelllloooo there! *waves*

Thoughts and theories... Collapse )

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[19 Jul 2005|02:49am]

I see we have members! Yay! Please don't hesitate to post your creations or ramblings... I'd love to see and hear what HBP brings out of you. Now for the good stuff:

Question of the Day: After you finished the very last word of the very last line, what was your initial reaction? Did you start bawling? Did you sit staring at the page for another several minutes? Did you go back and read? Did you run to the computer to brag to everyone on aim? Do tell!

Icon Art Challenge #1: Create at least two icons of a new character or a character that takes on a much larger role in Half-Blood Prince. Choose a PB (played-by) to represent them, whether it be a celebrity or your own best friend, and have at it. Post your icons (Place any more than 2 icons, and any icons containing spoilers, under a cut) in the community and the winner at the end of the week will recieve a bit of a reward.
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Icons [17 Jul 2005|07:37pm]

A few icons I've been working on for you to show your HBP pride:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Nine behind the cutCollapse )
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[17 Jul 2005|07:09pm]

Welcome to HBP LOVE, the new community for those who have finished and can't stop thinking about and loving the newest installment of JK Rowling's groundbreaking Harry Potter series.

In this community, you are welcome to share your thoughts, your art, your icons and wallpapers, your stories and fanfictions, your predictions... anything! Please realize this community will be for those who have Finished ONLY, as most of our posts will contain major plot spoilers.

Despite this warning, it will be required that all spoilers go behind an LJ cut, for the time being, as we don't want to spoil anyone who happens to stumble accross the community. Instructions on how to do this can be found at this FAQ. Thank you!

Now onto the fun...
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